The DWA Mission


The Designer Wallpaper Alliance is a not-for-profit organisation focused on promoting and developing the designer wallpaper industry. The DWA supports the craft skills and processes associated with traditional wallpaper design and manufacturing, along with promoting the new skills and processes being developed by modern manufacturing and design techniques. With digital production changing the industry faster than ever, the DWA supports both established and emerging brands, as well as helping consumers navigate the marketplace.

The DWA has three core aims:

  • Promote designer wallpaper as a standalone category, with unique creative and design characteristics
  • Promote beneficial technological change with the wallpaper industry
  • Help customers recognize the value in designer wallpaper
  • Help defend designer wallpaper brands against copying and copyright infringement

What is designer wallpaper?

The DWA defines designer wallpaper as:

“Wallcoverings that have been created through an active, involved and invested process of design, creativity and craft.”

Whereas mass-produced wallpapers will replicate generic designs and use cheap materials, designer wallpapers offer consumers innovative and original design-led wallpapers on high quality substrates.