Top 10 Emerging Wallpaper Brands

Flavor paper wallpaper installation

Change is afoot in the designer wallpaper world.  Until recently, traditional printing methods made the cost of entry into the wallpaper market high for new brands.  But digital printing has opened up a new world of creative possibilities, whilst also bringing costs down.  This has allowed a new raft of challenge wallpaper brands to enter the UK and worldwide market.  These new brands are bringing in creative innovation and a fresh aesthetic. Combining modern technologies and contemporary artwork, they are changing the face of designer wallpaper.

  1. NLXL


The NLXL team started the recent trend for fake wood and marble wallpapers.  Their Scrapwood wallpaper has become a modern classic.  If you want to create an artisan look without paying for real marble, these are the guys to go to.

  1. Rebel Walls


This Swedish company specialize in murals ranging from punky through to nature. With every roll ordered, the brand donates to Habitat for Humanity, to help people build their own homes. Through wallpaper, Rebel Walls aims to give people a tool to change their environment.

  1. Flavor Paper

Flavor Paper designer wallpaper

The award-winning, Brooklyn-based studio is one of the hottest wallpaper brands around. Internationally renowned for its large format hand silk screening, Flavor Paper has worked with some of the world biggest brands and artists, and consistently innovates with design and new technologies, such as scratch and sniff wallpaper.

  1. Blackpop


With a growing reputation for artfully distressed wallpapers and fabrics, Blackpop’s aesthetic combines punky and classic. Subverting traditional styles and motifs lends a faded glamour to the brand’s distinctive aesthetic.

  1. Mineheart


Named after a Shakespearean quote, “Mine eye and heart…”, eccentric British design house Mineheart aims to create a playground for creativity and discovery, where art meets design, and tradition meets contemporary style.

  1. House of Hackney


Mixing classic British design with East London edge, the husband and wife team behind House of Hackney have created collections full of elegance and drama.

  1. MissPrint


The mother and daughter duo behind MissPrint create contemporary wallcoverings from original hand drawn illustrations. Working from their London studio, the growing brand’s influences come from nature, their surroundings as well as the urban environment and its diverse mix of cultures.

  1. Carmine Lake


A new British brand who launched their first collection of psychedelic wallpaper at in 2016.   Check them out for fun, full on and bold patterns that’ll lift a room.

  1. 17 Patterns


Named after the mathematical classification of a two-dimensional repetitive pattern, 17 Patterns curates, manipulates and restructures specially-commissioned artworks in collaboration with the artists.  Unconventional techniques and creative processes re-imagine the original artwork into a new, unique and repeating design.

  1. Woodchip & Magnolia


Created by ex-Graham & Brown designer, Nina Marika Tarnowski, Woodchip & Magnolia was born out of the desire to create digital wallpaper with soul.   Their collections brings together classic British styling with Nina’s own inventive take on wallpaper motifs.